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Recording Artist Fu‍‍‍ndamentals: Building the Team

a one-day workshop:

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Recording Artist Fundamentals: Building t‍‍‍he Team

Today's music industry offers greater accessibility to release music than ever before. With this opportunity comes a saturated market with artists competing for dollars and visibility with other artists and markets. This workshop prepares artists for success in this turbulent industry.

Attendees will increase their opportunities for success, in the music industry, by learning the tools needed to get ahead.  Also, by completing exercises which will enhance the attendee’s music business processes.

·Learn the five key members of the artist team and when to hire them‍‍‍

·Receive in‍‍‍-depth understanding of the recording artist team

·Acquire Techniques to attract the right team members

·Understand what team members look for in an artist

·Discuss the roles and responsibilities of team members